+-  I have no experience with musical instruments, can I still get started?

Absolutely! All of our courses are designed from scratch so all users even the ones with no experience could learn from. All you have to do is to practice! 

+-  Which payment methods do you accept?

We currently accept all major credit cards through Stripe and PayPal.

+-  What brand of instruments do you suggest to buy?

Please contact us for specific instruments and your skill levels. Our instructors are more than happy to assist you in choosing the right instrument.

+-  What types of memberships do you have?

We have monthly and annual memberships for access to ALL COURSES. 

+-  Why Can’t I just buy membership to one specific instrument?

Our surveys have shown that majority people who are passionate about Persian music would like to explore different instruments and that is why we have designed our website to provide access to all the courses.

+-  How much practice is needed between lessons?

It depends on the age and your skill levels of the student. The important factor is consistency in practicing. For beginners our instructors recommend at least 20 minutes per day. As you move through levels you may need to increase your practice time to 30 or 45 minutes or even one hour per day.

+-  What age groups are your lessons designed for?

Our courses are designed for all ages from 7 to 99 years old. We even have students who started at a much younger age and doing great! So it all depends on your love and understanding for music and practicing your lessons!

+-  Which instrument should I start with?

What are you most passionate about? That’s the best instrument to start with. You should enjoy the instrument and the music you are playing. In general Piano is a great instrument to start with because it doesn’t need to be held, balanced or tuned every time you are playing.

+-  How long will it take for me to master an instrument?

Again, It all depends on how much you practice! Learning the fundamentals usually take any where from 3 month to be comfortable with, from there it depends on your passion and how advanced you want to be.

+-  Do I need to buy an instrument to start?

 You will definitely need an instrument to practice between lessons; There are some good options for rent-to-own instruments that can help you get started too. Check with your local instrument store. 

+-  Why are the lessons are in Farsi only?

Our website is designed for Farsi speaking individuals around the world. We are working on providing similar courses in other languages as well. If you are interested in lessons in a specific language please email us at info@shadmusicacademy.com and let us know.

+-  Can I access my account on multiple devices?

Each member can access his/her account on maximum of 2 devices.

+-  Will you have more courses?

Yes we are working on more courses at the moment. If you are interested in specific courses please email us at info@shadmusicacademy.com and let us know.

I have other questions that are not covered in your FAQs.

Please email us at info@shadmusicacademy.com

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