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Persian Tonbak Course

The Chronicles of Tonbak

Goblet drums like the Tonbak have been in use for thousands of years, recorded in some of the oldest civilizations like the Mesopotamia, Babylonians, Sumerians, and Ancient Egyptians. The rich history of ...

Persian Tar Course

Everything You Need to Know About Persian Tar

This long and narrow string instrument comes with 6 wooden pegs that control cords for different notes. 

And that’s not it, ...

DJ (Disc Jockey) Course

Bet You Didn’t Know This About DJs

The equipment available today makes DJing a lot of big deal than it was ever before. There is a lot of equipment involved, turntables, media players, DJ mixers, headphones, software, time code, DJ controllers, and a lot more. 

Music Composing

The Sound of Music

Music composing, the art of the arts, where music begins and ends, is the process of creating a new piece of music, either vocal or instrumental. It is the process of creating new music compositions and then people who do that are called composers. 

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