Learn to Play Persian Tar (The Sultan of Instruments) Like Never Before…

Play Persian Tar to reconnect with your Persian culture. To try the good old things in new settings. We teach Persian Tar to make every Farsi speaker outside of our home country connect with their homeland once again. 

There are as many reasons why people learn to play Persian Tar as there are paths out the door. That’s why at Shad Music Academy, we bring modern day features and make this learning an experience worth remembering.

Characteristics Associated With Tar

Often referred to as the "Târ-e Shirâz" or the Tar from Shiraz, this Persian instrument is known for its characteristic powerful and enchanting sound. These sounds are produced by tinkling the strings using a plectrum. 

The melodies created with Persian Tar are known to eliminate nervousness, decrease headache and at times help with insomnia. Its sound relaxes one’s mood and compels the listener to reflect upon their life. 

Everything You Need to Know About Persian Tar

This long and narrow string instrument comes with 6 wooden pegs that control cords for different notes. 

And that’s not it, the Persian Tar comes with two pairs of shorter strings that lie just beneath the bass and go over small copper bridges on the upper side of the finger board. All of that combined allows the performer to manifest tones that are unique to their taste.

The History that Comes with the Persian Tar

It’s a long necked stringed instrument known as the descendant of Rubab, a similar instrument played extensively in Pakistan and Afghanistan. With its origins dating back to 250 years ago and its recent version developed in the 18th century, the Persian Tar is relatively a recent addition to Persian folklore. 

Go From Beginner to Expert Just Like the Persian Tar Maestros

We wish to achieve a high level of excellence at the Shad Academy. And to achieve that, you get access to self-paced pre-recorded lectures that you can watch whenever you wish. You go through each chapter one step at a time and see your growth from a complete beginner to an expert player. 

Tips & Techniques to Reduce Your Learning Curve!

We don’t just share the lectures and be done with it. Instead, we encapsulate each lecture with the right kind of tips that help you master that segment. 

Our world class instructors take the hassle of going through trial and error away by sharing their years of experience and effective teaching methods.

Music Knows No Bounds, Why Should We?

Here’s a list of amazing benefits you get when you enlist with Shad Academy.

    • Watch Anytime, Anywhere: our training videos are accessible from any part of the world. And that’s not it! You get to watch them at your own convenience, that too with a device of your choosing anytime, anywhere.   

   • Beginner to Advanced: Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, you will still get a lot to learn from our Persian Tar lectures. The years of practical experience of our experts truly helps you learn and excel on your journey. 

  • Life-Time Access: Once you join the Shad Academy, we stick with you for life. You get access to pre-recorded lectures for life-time. This means you also get access to any upgrades to the program.


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