Persian Origin but Multi Cultural Reach

A Persian bowed string instrument, the Kamancheh is a part of not only Persian, but also Azerbaijani, Armenian, and Kurdish music. 

A relative to the rebab, the Kamancheh holds the same powerful enigma of transcendence and perfection that is so often seen in Persian musical instruments. 

Kamancheh Facts You Need to Know

Kamancheh means ‘little bow’ in Persian. This glorious instrument has a long neck and a fingerboard that is designed as a truncated inverse cone, with four metal strings. Kamancheh playing became a part of the UNESCO intangible Cultural Heritage list in 2017. 

The Tale of Kamancheh History

The Kamancheh finds its origin in both the Safavid and Qatar periods as well as the Mongol and Timur periods as an important part of their celebrations. Some also regard the Kamancheh as the first stringed instrument. 

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