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A national symbol of the Egyptian Shaabi music, the darbuka is a goblet-shaped membranophone that is mostly used in Egypt. The sound of a beating drum has the capacity to align with your heartbeat, each up and down translating to a change in your heartbeat, a different kind of pleasure for your mind.

Commonly called the goblet drum, the darbuka has always been an important part of the Western classical music.

Want to Know More About the Darbuka?

Playing the darbuka is an interesting technique in itself. The darbuka is played with light touch and different strokes while placed under the arm or resting on the player’s lap. ‘Doom’, ‘Tak’, and ‘Ka’ are the three sounds produced by a Darbuka.

The different tones of the darbuka are categorized by the rhythm with which it is played. Folkloric and modern music in Middle Eastern culture has many different rhythms that have become a part of the culture.

Darbuka History

Egyptian and Mesopotamia cultures as long as thousands of years ago show the existence of the darbuka. As early as 1100 BCE, darbukas have been recorded to be a part of the Babylonian and Sumerian cultures.

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