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As simple as it gets, the Cajon is a percussion instrument, originally from Peru. The box-shaped instrument is made out of thin plywood and played by simply slapping the front or rare faces of the instrument. Simple? Yes. Incredible? Also, yes! 

This simple instrument has been a valuable part of famous Peruvian music styles, including Tondero, Zamacueca, and Peruvian Waltz. 

More About Cajon 

Cajun is made from plywood sheets that are 13 to 19 mm in thickness. ‘Tapa’ is the striking surface of the instrument while the sound hole is present on the back side. Modern day Cajuns have rubber feet and extra screws on the top to adjust percussive timbre. 

History Lesson: Cajon

Cajun traces back its origin in the 18th century when it became the most widely used instrument in the Afro-Peruvian culture. West African origin slaves in the United States are recorded to be the source of this amazing instrument. Today, the Cajun is widely played all over the world, Spain, Ireland, and Africa. 

Shad Music academy is offering Cajon lessons for all those people who have always wanted to learn this but never got the chance. Are you one of them? Register for the course now. 


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