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Cajon Course

More About Cajon 

Cajun is made from plywood sheets that are 13 to 19 mm in thickness. ‘Tapa’ is the striking surface of the instrument while the sound hole is present on the back side. Modern ...

Persian Daf Course

Angel Music for Humans

The national musical instrument of Pakistan, Persian daf is a frame drum musical instrument

with a wooden frame, jingles, and a head ...

Piano Course

The piano is a magical musical instrument with its classical glory and transcendent ability to be one of the finest human experiences to hear.

Guitar Course

Getting to Know Guitar

There are two main types of guitars, acoustics, and electric, with further subcategories. It has many parts, a headstock at one end that adjusts the tension of the string and a neck that holds the guitar’s frets, fretboards, tuners, and more, a truss road, inlays, and ...

Persian Ney Course

Persian Ney Facts

The Persian ney has 7 segments as compared to 9 in Turkish and Arabic ney. The difference in the pitch of the ney depends on its size, longer neys have low pitches and shorter nays have higher pitches. Conventionally made from wood, modern neys can also be ...

Kamancheh Course

Kamancheh Facts You Need to Know

Kamancheh means ‘little bow’ in Persian. This glorious instrument has a long neck and a fingerboard that is designed as a truncated inverse cone, with four metal strings. Kamancheh playing became a part of the UNESCO intangible Cultural Heritage list in 2017. 

Persian Setar Course

Persian Setar: The Epitome of Persian Musical Excellence

Persian Setar, the embodiment of Persian classical music, is an instrument so divine that one oscillation of its ...

Santoor Course

Such Music Much Wow

Amazing how walnut and maple wood can make such good music. The santoor is a musical instrument made from walnut and maple wood. It is a trapezoid shaped hammered dulcimer having 25 bridges, each bridge having 4 strings, coming to a total of 100 strings.

Darbuka Course

Want to Know More About the Darbuka?

Playing the darbuka is an interesting technique in itself. The darbuka is played with light touch and different strokes while placed under ...

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